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Discussion on: What should I know to be a software architect?

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Alain Viguier


It depends on where you want to head to. Pure software architect or enterprise architect ?

Being myself an IT senior architect, I can tell that some concepts or insights can only be acquired by experience.

My advice is to not focus only on computer languages. During my MD's degree in computer science, I learned how to build a compiler, to code in Pascal or Lisp, but also Topology and Numerical Analysis. Those fields I didn't use a lot during my career.

Then at work, I studied CPU architectures, C language, IBM mainframes, Oracle & Sybase DBMSs, Linux, networks, Windows but also SOA architecture, enterprise bus, software engineering etc. Being a good architect means a lot of IT techniques to master, a vision to acquire, and fields to comprehend.

So explore and read, experiment, learn.

Hope this helps ;-)