Keyboard shortcut to get out of node_modules folder in Visual Studio Code

Sung M. Kim on May 09, 2018

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My way of dealing with node_modules is to tell Visual Studio Code to totally ignore it in the Explorer:


I've just discovered this also works in Atom too!! πŸŽ‰ Thanks for sharing!


Oh sweet.
Thank you for checking out Atom @Claire.
Updated the post to include Atom in the list :)


Sweet trick!

Have you consider submitting to

I am sure Burke Holland and Sarah Drasner would like this one!


Thank you Jose,

That page is amazing.
I will look how to submit to the site :)


Ah! That was trick question right?
Cuz' node_modules is a black-hole.
Hence you can't get out!.
Yasss I got it!!


In webstorm you just press left arrow key and it will jump to parent folder. Sometimes you may need to press it few times but that’s quick enough.


Thankd Eduard.

It seems like left arrow key works in many editors.
It works in Visual Studio (not code) and SQL Server Management Studio as well :)

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