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How Animated Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Brand Marketing

B2B and B2C customers are different. They have other goals, purchasing behavior, interests, and risks caused by incorrect buying decisions. However, there is a versatile marketing practice that performs great for both worlds. It's an animated explainer video.

An entertaining, easy-to-understand, and time-effective explainer video is an excellent way to connect brands with their B2B or B2C customers regardless of the industry. From banking, healthcare, and internet services to consumer products and retail - an animated commercial can be a helpful tool for customer engagement and loyalty in any niche. In this article, we are taking a closer look at the benefits of animated videos for business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

2D and 3D animation videos for business can help increase brand recognizability and awareness. As known, videos are the most popular content type among modern customers. Spiced up by fun animation and humor, they become even more appealing for people and attract a broader audience. Thus, you automatically access the opportunity to spread the word about your brand to more potential customers.

Moreover, many companies use branding colors, animated logos, and mottos in their commercials to emphasize their identity and uniqueness. It allows them to increase brand awareness in the media space. An excellent example of using branding colors in a video is an animated commercial produced by Giant Ant for Slack.

Grow Customer Engagement

Modern customers are fed up with obtrusive advertising. Most of us use ad blockers to avoid it when surfing the Internet. It makes brands think of new ways to promote their products and services. Fun 2D or 3D animated videos turn a sales pitch or product demo into an exciting story. Animation makes customers perceive commercial videos rather as entertainment than advertising.

Thanks to shareability, animated marketing videos are quickly spreading across social media and other spots on the web. They evoke customer emotions, create powerful impressions, and instill bright associations with a brand. All these factors make animated videos a super-effective tool for customer engagement.

Build Customer Loyalty

When people see that you, as a brand, don't attempt to sell them anything but instead offer them an exciting experience with your product demonstrated in a fun animated video, they are more likely to become interested in your offering. Animated explainer videos introduce your brand as a creative company that thinks outside the box, cares about its customers, and tries to give them unforgettable impressions, besides products and services.

Alt Text
Animation by Magda for Fireart Studio

People tend to trust more to companies that care about providing exciting experiences to customers, not solely offering. Therefore, animated videos help build customer loyalty and trust.

Being unsalesy, fun, and helpful is a better practice to connect with today's customers than offering your products and services to them straightforwardly. The element of entertainment in animated commercials make them more effective in advertising and brand promotion. It allows reaching more people and motivating them to learn more about the brand staying behind such a creative promotion.

Animated videos trigger more sales than any other content type. Unique animation styles, cute characters, clear brand message, and compelling story - combining all these factors make people interested in visiting your website.

Explain How to Use Products/Services

Explainer videos are gaining momentum in the modern business world. Quick product explainers, animated onboarding videos, and service explanatory videos have become a great practice to educate customers about using products and services. Instead of reading long printed tutorials, brands can offer people watching few-minute videos that give them a profound understanding of product functionality and exploitation rules.

Explainer videos are widely used by SaaS businesses, as they also help demonstrate customers how to use a specific online service or software product. A nice example is an animated explainer video created by Explain Ninja for Psiphon.

Works as Powerful Attention-Grabbers

Animated ads and commercials are the most efficient way to catch potential customers' attention on social media. Today, our social network feeds are over-saturated with so many news, images, GIFs, and other content types.

It's becoming even more challenging to stand out in the crowded online world. Impressive 3D animation and an engaging storyline may help your brand draw user attention and evoke a vivid interest in your brand. That's why animated videos are considered as the best type of advertising visuals.

Communicate Complex Business Ideas Creatively

In animated videos, you can break down complicated information into short and easy-to-understand scenarios. This practice helps transfer complex business concepts in a short and digestible form. Imagine you can explain your brand mission and product essence just within several minutes of an engaging animation video. Companies often use animated explainer videos on tradeshows, investor presentations, and exhibitions.

Why Animation? Because It Doesn't Leave Anyone Indifferent

Animated videos always receive the most attention and the audience's response. Detailed market research and creating customer profiles may help you better understand your customers and produce a commercial video that will resonate with them.

Well-targeted, innovative, and informative videos are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and engagement in the online marketplace. They also help acquire new customers, retain existing ones, explain complicated product and business ideas, and draw the audience's attention on social media.

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