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Cartoons Ain't Just for Kids: The 6 Best Animated Commercial Videos to Inspire You in 2020

Illustration by Anastasia Golub for Fireart Studio

Are you thinking of how to level up your company's online presence and brand image? Do you want to introduce your brand and advertise products in the most appealing and intriguing way? Then, you're in the right place!

Many world's leading brands have chosen animated commercials as the best option to advertise unobtrusively and spark the audience's interest. Let's get inspired by the top six most exciting and beautiful animated teasers produced by and for the most successful companies.


This brilliant animated explainer video has been produced for Aspiration by Explain Ninja, an animated video production company. Aspiration is a financial organization that offers socially-conscious and sustainable cash management services and investment products.

The video is saturated with positive vibes and evokes the viewer's pleasant feelings. The animation is catchy and lovely. It conveys the main idea of Aspiration's services and motivates people to think of their financial future more innovatively. The tones of illustrations are merely muted and perfectly transfer the mood of animation.

What has especially surprised us is a fun and memorable character, the alive dollar. Its complex mimics and movements have been designed in 2D and combined with 3D techniques, and the result is impressive!


It's challenging to discuss cartoony advertising without mentioning Slack. This team collaboration and communication tool is loved by millions not only because of its convenience in use but also creative cartoony ads. Slack's every commercial always looks like one more amazing animation masterpiece.

Let's take a look at one of its latest animated videos, named "Traffic." It's fast-paced and has a significant part of humor inside. Every character evokes the viewer's slight laughter. These cartoony and lovely creatures may remind you of a film about minions. And what's most exciting, the animation supports branded colors. All of the four Slack's colors penetrate the entire video.


Do you love these cookies? Get ready to love Oreo's creative team too! These guys have produced an incredible animated commercial promoting this brand, and it's really unforgettable! This marketing animation campaign is called "Wonderfilled."

The positivism of this animated video is emphasized by a song performed by Adam Young, aka, Owl City. This style of music, "embodies optimism and carefree nature." The cute and stylish illustrations contribute to the general magic atmosphere of the video and make it stuck to the memory. The third thing that steals the viewer's heart is a straightforward yet engaging concept that conveys the idea that sharing an Oreo cookie with somebody can transform even the most feared beasts into friends.


In early 2019, Mailchimp has started a massive rebranding campaign. As a result, they have changed their logo, design style, and produced this animated video "Outgrow Your Name" as the announcement of their new style.

"With this redesign, we set out to retain all the weird, lovable elements that endeared our earliest customers to Mailchimp, while creating space for the brand to grow and connect with even more small businesses." - Mailchimp.

The new style uses straightforward sketches with a bare minimum of graphics. This 30-second video narratively transfers Mailchimp's message, while cleverly applying visual metaphors -- like the towering Big Foot to indicate growth.


This incredible video, "Stories of Better," tells an entire story of Toyota. Instead of demonstrating a single model of car, video creators have showcased all Toyota models and the history of their adjustments for every epoch and market.

This video has been produced specially for the biennial Paris Motor Show, one of the most significant automotive events in the world. It's aimed to convey Toyota's messaging - a commitment to excellence - to build value for the entire brand.

This fantastic animated video far deviates from the traditional, salesy car commercial and focuses on the real-life value of each and everyone.

Join Skirmish

This animated ad shows how crucial it is that all your video components work cohesively. This video has been created for Skirmish, a platform that matches game developers and other professionals in the gaming space with employers.

What we most love is the sci-fi animation style, cinematic music, and deep voice over that collaboratively generate powerful energy and a positive core inside of the animation. This brand teaches us to think of a type of energy you want to convey through your video. All this depends on the ability to select the right elements that collectively support that vibe.


Each of these brands can teach you one animation hint, inspire for an excellent idea for your own commercial, or just give a lot of pleasure and positive energy while watching these creative cartoons. We hope these creative animated videos will empower you to generate something even more fantastic, original, and fresh! Don't hustle. Stand up and stand out!

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