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World’s Best 10Chat, Video and Voice Calling API & SDK Providers for iOS, Android, and Web

Want to Integrate a Secure Real-time Chat for Your App and Web?

Here I ranked and listed the 10 best chat,video and audio calling API providers list based on security, chat features, popularity, integrations, pricing, support, technology, and the current real-time Chat solution market research report of 2021.

If someone asks your opinion in building app with real time chat features, what will be your reply?

Of course, the first point to cross your mind would be the complexities and challenges while developing an app. However, everything depends on one's perspective on resources and limits. Therefore you might suggest, as they should approach ready-made messaging API & Chat SDK providers instead of building something from scratch.

Well in those terms, this post could be proven as a guidance as to what are the top most real time chat API and SDK providers, their features and functionalities, and much more.

Further no more delay, let's get started with the general understanding on SDKs and APIs first.

What are APIs and SDKs? - An Overview

API is the short term used for Application Programming Interface, this is the software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other. In other words, you can experience the use of APIs whenever you are sending an instant message, or checking upon weather updates on your phone, etc.

An SDK is generally a set of software development tools that enables the development of an app for a specific platform. SDKs are the collection of APIs along with programming tools and documentation. For instance, the SDK for Java contains an API along with compliers, runtimes and other various tools.

Why Do You Need to Build a Whitelabel Chat App?

For any businesses to have their own personalized whitelabel chat app is something like a great support to build their brand's reach in the market. This in-app messaging app helps them to bridge the communication gap and provides a fluid networking experience.

Moreover, integrating the real time video calling SDK into your existing networking infrastructure will not only enhance the internal communication, but will eventually help in communicating with your client, other business leads, or individuals who are interested in your services or products.

Although the above mentioned content is brief about the need, I think it will be great if i provide you with some more on the video calling SDK’s features.

Key Features of Real-time Chat Solution for Mobile and Web Apps

We can see that in the current scenario the instant in-app messaging APIs are winning the battles everywhere, whether it could be interpersonal relationship and communication between the brands and customers or something else.

This is so possible mainly because of their functionalities that make it stand out in the market. Let’s have a brief look at some of the key features

  1. One-to-one & group chat
  2. Video and Audio Calling
  3. Multiparty Video Conferencing
  4. End-to-end encryption
  5. High-end Scalability

Now, let's explore some of the best Chat,Video & Audio API & SDK providers for web and mobile.

List of Top 5 In-App Chat, Voice & Video Calling API & SDK Providers for Web, iOS & Android Apps

While the market is launching so many players every other day, there are still some outstanding players who have marked their presence with their achievements with uniqueness, when it comes to the capability of their solution.

Let's have a look at some of the best 10 in-app chat,video and voice calling API,SDK providers with their essentials that includes features, pricing, supportive platform, and much more.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

Visit Website :

CONTUS MirrorFly, established in the year 2008, is a real time communication API and SDK solution with voice, video, and chat features that works on the core values of connecting businesses and customers.

In earlier days they launched the market as "ContusFly" and later the brand was renamed as "CONTUS MirrorFly." Since it is based on the SaaP model it is available at a one time license cost. In the market CONTUS MirrorFly has been considered to be the best in app chat, video and voice call API.SDk providers for android,ios and web.

CONTUS MirrorFly API & SDK Features

  1. 100% Customizable Solution
  2. 150+ realtime chat features
  3. Video/Voice calling
  4. Video Conferencing
  5. Interactive Live Broadcasting
  6. VoIP Calling (Data Calling)
  7. Push to Talk (walkie Talkie)
  8. SIP Calling (App to Phone)

Price : One time license Cost

Supportive Platforms :iOS, Android, and Web Applications

Popularity :The World's top enterprises messaging software, and much more.

Clients: 40+ trusted and satisfied use cases (ikonix, MyGate, cellcard, stc, and more)

2. Sendbird

Visit Website : Sendbird

Sendbird was established in the year 2012. It is a leading chat SDK solution for Android and web applications which is well known for real time and messaging platforms.

Sendbird has been recognized by over 150 countries across the world, serving the industries like gaming, e-commerce, on-demand services and marketplaces. It follows an end-to-end AES256 encryption module in terms of security measures for sharing sensitive data along with a user-centric UI/UX design

Sendbird API & SDK Features

  1. User-to-User Blocking
  2. Cross-Platform Sync
  3. Send & Receive Structured Media
  4. Typing Indicators
  5. Read Receipts
  6. Chat Analytics
  7. Auto-Thumbnail Generation
  8. Push Notifications

Price :Monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms :Mobile and web application

Popularity :2018 DEVIES Award, Proddy Award

Clients: servicenow, Hinge, PayPay, Delivery Hero, reddit, TELADOC.

3. Twilio

Visit Website : Twilio

Twilio was founded in 2008 with the supportive collaboration of great investors such as Bessemer, Redpoint, and Union Square.

Twilio is a leading cloud communication service. It enables the user to make and receive phone calls, and the same with text messaging, it allows the user to send and receive text messages. Twilio does all these actions with the support of web service APIs. Moreover, Twilio can also be able to integrate the phone calls and SMS messaging API's into any existing applications.

Twilio API & SDK Features

  1. One-to-one or group messaging
  2. Typing indicators and message status check
  3. Interact via intelligent logic
  4. Message edit or removal
  5. Read Receipts
  6. Message history storage
  7. Link via chats with external services
  8. Have a track over old text messages

Price :Monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms :Android,iOS and Web

Popularity :Superb Owl Award, top rated company outlook 2016, etc

Clients:M&S, zendesk, American Red Cross, ING, etc

4. Getstream

Visit Website : Getstream

Getstream was established in 2014 and is an enterprises-grade chat and activity feed provider that is dealing with over 1B + user engagement. It's enriched features includes strong client-side SDKs for iOS, Android, React, React Native, etc., and also supports the most commonly used server-side languages.

Getstream API & SDK Features

  1. Direct and group chats
  2. Built-in Giphy and Imgur support
  3. Link previews
  4. Emoticons & reactions
  5. Multi-tenant ready
  6. Edit and delete messages
  7. Unlimited users per channel
  8. Moderation

Price :Monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms :Android,iOS and Web

Popularity :2021 Innovation Award, etc.

Clients:NBCSports, CDEPEN, crunchbase, Bunch, DUBSMASH, etc

5. Apphitect

Visit Website :Apphitect was established in 2008 and is a UAE’s leading mobile app development company. is the well known chat API and messaging SDK solution for iOS, Android, and web apps.

It has been mostly recognized in-app chat API mainly due to its unique features of being available at one time licence cost with 100% customization option. Moreover, it ensures a high-end of scalability and security. It can be integrated into any existing application that includes iOS, Android and web applications.

Apphitect API & SDK Features

  1. One-to-one & Group chat
  2. Customizable Solution
  3. Video & Audio Calling
  4. Push notifications
  5. Video Conferencing
  6. End-to-end encryption
  7. VoIP/SIP calling

Price :Monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms :Mobile and Web App

Popularity :Since 2008 has won many Awards and Accolades - smeheroes, Red herring winner asia 100, Gold winner, Clutch, Jan 2014 winner

Clients:mahindra, Dr.Reddy's, accenture, THE WORLD BANK, etc.

Planning to Pick an In-app Chat SDK Software : Main Factors to Look For!

Since then we have been discussing a variety of market players in the communication sector when it is about to build chat app. It is a must for us to know how to pick the correct one, Yes! The appropriate in-app chat SDK provider. If so, then - what criteria must be considered to proceed further. Therefore, let's have a look at some of the key factor below.


Well, pricing depends - as some providers prefer one time license cost and some offer the same with monthly subscription. But, if you are a small business then it's better to go for a scalable solution with a free plan that can be upgraded later on.


Before finalizing the providers be clear with your business requirements concerning features as what is needed and try to filter the list and match that with your software.


Whatever be the mode of communication, security plays a vital role throughout. So, you must look for something that can avoid data theft, leakage of confidential data, etc. Must also look for analysing the security compliance and encryption management with the backup storage.


See to it whether the available in-app chat SDKs and APIs are flexible enough to move with your existing 3rd party device or will they be causing issues in the future run.


Looks simple but the most important one. Yes! here you must list down what type of support they offer and if so, how long they offer? and whether they will be providing some paid support if ever needed concerning technical parts, etc.

Once you are clear with all above queries, you can clearly come to a decision of what way to go with.

Well, coming to the end of the post, I think this blog can really be a proven guidance for you when it comes to a perfect real time chat API and SDK providers selection.

Now furthermore, it’s up to you how to proceed with - whether to build chat app or something from scratch. It’s your decision, but still if you prefer to have some clarity simply feel free to contact us. We are there to support you with your dreams to build chat app with your preferences.

Have a great time!

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