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This is the first 3 come to my mind at the moment

  • Being able to make a good estimation
  • Do not take things personally
  • Understand business needs

8 years, I still can't estimate. I have a feeling at 30 years, I still won't be able to estimate.


In my experience there are only two estimates that consistently matter: "really really easy" and "really really hard." If your Product Manager thinks a task is easy but it's actually hard, you have to teach them so they can decide if it's really worth the effort right now (or at all). If they think a task is hard but it's actually easy, you have to teach them so they can decide if it should be prioritized for a quick win.



Almost 20 years in business and still cannot estimate.


Read and ye shall as estimate as well as any engineer who walks this earth.


Yeah, estimation was one of the things I thought of, tooβ€”it's definitely something I've gotten a way better sense of with time, especially knowing how much extra time I need to build in for surprises coming up.


The estimation is something I think I can never do properly. It's just so difficult. My speed of coding and analysing the whole situation can surely and has improved very much compared to last years but this estimation thing is just too much for my brain to handle.

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