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Beware of Fraudulent POS ~cybersafety

so dear friends,
how has your day been! In times past on my podcast, I've always shared the experiences of others who have been victims of cybercrime.
Well, today is quite different. Today I will be sharing my own story. Yes, my story if how I was swindled of some hard earned cash and I'd like you all to tell me yours too! let's share and help others avoid the pit falls. more especially, let's learn from each other.
so on this faithful day, I decided to visit the high court at Ikeja. many of us are familiar with this place if you are in Lagos Nigeria.
I went to process an affidavit. after the process I decided to withdraw from the nearest POS outlet to pay for the services rendered. Just about then, the lady in charge brought out a phony POS machine(see pics below). I was skeptical about it as it looked like an android phone. I was sure it was smart and could capture data. However, it was the only POS stall available. so I gave it the benefit of doubt.
after my transaction, I visited one of my transacting banks to transfer some cash to the bank I've just made withdrawal from. All was fine not until a few hours later I got a debit alert of about 34k from my account. Lo and behold when I checked I saw web purchase! So I checked if had erroneously made a purchase. None to be found. Hence, the only logical explanation was that I had fallen victim to information theft.

Please share any experiences you may have so others can learn.
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