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#100DaysOfCloud | Day 6

What Did I Learn -

So this article is a bit late, sorry in advance, We started opening The Phoenix Project and we are on Chapter 3, so far pretty engaging book, it is nice to see the integration of the various departments and how they are using troubleshooting steps they would normally build in the helpdesk role (usually everyones first step in IT) to determine an outage. As promised we are back to the AWS Console and today was S3 day! So re-learning S3 and CloudFront. The various storage classes, the availability that goes with it, how S3 is Eventual put consistency(Or Read over write consistency), flat files, etc.

What Did I Do -

So for what we did, we build a bucket policy with ensuring the effect we want, in this case deny put action. We also setup a website between two buckets by setting up Cross Region Resource Sharing, we did this by enabling the primary website url as the approved CORS site on the secondary bucket for our content. Last we setup a CloudFront delivery network so that we can have a bucket across the world, and use edge locations to cache our bucket information from when someone accesses that bucket.

For Tomorrow -

Tomorrow, or well today, we are getting into Lambda and Serverless Computing, and we may get a hands on building an Alexa Skill again, we will see.

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