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Discussion on: AWS SES + Gmail = Free Business Email ID

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daltonfury42 Author

Hey. I want to give this a try, can you give me a rough idea. Can I do this using my personal gmail account? Otherwise which mailbox providers allow this?

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Lewis Cowles

Sure, so I don't know how much you understand DNS, but the way I use a shared host to do this is to tell them I'm hosting a domain with them. I don't change the nameservers, because I love AWS and am cheap.

I can then go into their DNS settings, take out the MX records and place them into my AWS.

You can use AWS UI to do this, or Terraform, or any other IaC tooling that integrates with your cloud provider (doesn't have to be AWS, can be Azure, GCP or DigitalOcean AFAIK)

There are some gotchas. I don't think Heroku supports, but you can have heroku only own a CNAME.
Also you should not move other subdomains like webmail to your domain. Let the shared host do that with SSL and all the bells and whistles to secure your email from attackers. You can also front that with SES and forwarding rules, although I was gutted to see that.