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Havilah Uche-Aniche
Havilah Uche-Aniche

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Please vote for me

Please I need everyone on to respond immediately to this post. So I made a website named Omaholly for a competition skillupnaija rivcraft 2023. I qualified for one of the first stage but now I need votes for the next round. I am only a teenager but if I get this chance the programming/coding world cannot remain the same. Please help me achieve this by clicking on going to this link and voting for me.

Help me by clicking the link and then scroll down and look for a name UCHE-ANICHE HAVILAH CHUCKWUBUIKEM with number 058

For each vote you pay #50 NGN, so please feel free to vote as many times as possible.

Thanks again

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Havilah Uche-Aniche

also vote for my brother ziv uche-aniche