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Ecommerce Website Using HTML CSS & JavaScript (Source Code)

ECOMMERCE WEBSITE USING HTML CSS & JAVASCRIPT | Html Css Js ecommerce website | E-commerce website using HTML CSS and JavaScript

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In this channel, I make videos about the Complete Responsive website.
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⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 Food Website Using HTML And CSS
3:18 file structure
4:05 header html css responsive
23:18 home page in html css
28:59 banner slider in html css
34:25 category page html css
39:56 product card html css responsive
53:51 deal html css
1:03:40 contact form html css
1:06:29 newsletter form htm css
1:08:24 footer html css reponsive
1:13:29 Restaurant Website HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT

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Hello to you, I am stuck on one of your site "nft market place", can you help me please?

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