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Yogify : Your Yoga community builder app

This is a submission for the Deployed Link for Yogify

What I Built

The inspiration to build Yogic Yoga came from a personal experience. My brother struggled with restlessness and hyperactivity, constantly moving around and unable to stay still. After numerous consultations with doctors, one suggested trying yoga and meditation. To our surprise, these practices made significant improvements in his health.

One morning, on my way to work, I noticed a group of elderly people practicing yoga in the park. Intrigued, I thought it would be beneficial to take my brother to join them. However, the next day, no one showed up. I realized there was a major communication gap among the elderly participants. While many use WhatsApp to communicate, organizing regular sessions was still a challenge.

As someone who enjoys yoga, I often attend group classes included in my gym membership. After discussing with my trainer, he agreed to offer free classes to these elderly people for a month, planning to charge a minimal fee afterward. Despite the willingness, there was a disconnect between the trainer and the potential participants.

This experience highlighted several real problems related to yoga that led to the development of Yogify Yoga:

Communication Gaps: Organizing and communicating about yoga sessions, especially among elderly people, can be challenging without a centralized platform.
Access to Trainers: Finding and connecting with qualified yoga trainers who are willing to offer their services, particularly at affordable rates, is often difficult.
Health Benefits: Yoga and meditation have proven health benefits, but many people are unaware or unsure how to start or where to find resources.
Community Support: There is a need for a supportive community where individuals can share their progress, encourage each other, and stay motivated.


Video Link:
Github Link :

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Authentication Page Although Google Login not working for now

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Exercise Page listing all basic yoga poses

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Workshop Page listing all workshops for people who are willing to conduct workshops

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Form page for user registration for workshop

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Workshop Form Page for creating workshops

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Users Page listing all users

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Figma Experience


Initial Setup:

  • I Started building Yogify on May 19 with no prior AWS experience.
  • Cloned the repository and explored the documentation to get started.

Challenges with Amplify Sandbox

  • Struggled with configuring IAM and setting up the Amplify Sandbox.
  • Slow laptop performance made redeployment time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Eventually found the Amplify documentation helpful in navigating these challenges.

Configuring Authentication

  • Set up authentication using the Authenticator.
  • Faced difficulties with implementing Google authentication due to sandbox setup issues.
  • Realized the importance of configuring the sandbox first and setting keys in secrets, not environment variables.
  • Overcame these hurdles with the help of detailed Amplify guides.

Data and Storage Services Integration

  • Found setting up the data service straightforward with Amplify Gen 2 documentation.
  • Encountered complexity in integrating the storage service.
  • Managed to use StorageImage and StorageManager components after considerable effort.
  • Look forward to exploring how to use data and storage services together more effectively.

Serverless Functions and Customizations

  • Successfully added a custom message for sending confirmation links during authentication.
  • This addition enhanced the user experience with a personalized touch.
  • Using Amplify's Figma Plugin

Utilized the Figma plugin to generate code and create reusable components.

  • Appreciated the ease of editing and adding code using the Amplify UI builder plugin, though refinement was still necessary.
  • Had a positive experience with the AWS Amplify UI Builder.
  • Overall Experience and Future Prospects

Despite the hurdles, found the comprehensive Amplify documentation crucial for progress.

  • Gained substantial knowledge about AWS Amplify Gen 2.
  • Proud of the robust foundation built for Yogify.
  • Excited to continue developing and refining the app.

Connected Components and/or Feature Full

Yes, I used various components from AWS Amplify, including StorageImage, StorageManager, Authenticator ,ThemeProvider, Flex, TextField, Button, PhoneNumberField, TextField, Table, TableHead, TableRow, TableCell, TableBody ,Geo among others. My project incorporates all four core features: data, authentication, serverless functions, and file storage, according to the Gen 2 React documentation.

I would like to add a blog section and AI assistant and i also saw in app messaging feature using aws which also excited me although in this short deadline I could not add it I would love to add them in future along with dedicated community forum for yoga lovers.

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