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re: Reviewing the Code Review, Part I VIEW POST


I watched the demo on your site, and that's pretty slick. Speaking as a remote worker for some 5+ years, I love the automation of tools I use anyway (Trello, Github, Slack, etc), but while keeping their asynchronous nature intact.


I agree that keeping the tools you love is the right way to go. That is why we integrate with those tools to allow everyone to get the benefits of real time collaboration with the workflows they already know. You can check out our integration with Trello here:


That's cool! What happens if someone deletes the Trello card? (I'm curious about this from a shop perspective, because I've written/maintained systems that integrate with Trello via their API)

CodeStream will still keep the issue codemark even if the Trello card is deleted. You can just archive it if it's no longer relevant, but the history remains.

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