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Free course on Software Architecture - part 3

Yesterday I have published a third episode of my "Software architecture for beginners" course.

Today we have explored two main benefits of 3-layer architecture (apart from simplicity) - testability and extendability.

This one got a bit controversial, as I wasn't concentrating on some of the code practices, trying to demonstrate other things instead. Well, it's even better, because I have some more interesting things to discuss.

So here's what's coming next:
👉 How to add authentication (using roles, finally)?
👉 Is it OK to use dict to convert object to dictionary
👉 Why I didn't inject SqliteStorage as a dependency?
👉 Multithreading awareness
👉 Is it OK to use "handlers" in Main?

Those are questions from people who saw the course already - and you can ask your questions too!

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