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Daddy Gi
Daddy Gi

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Becoming one percent better everyday.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Accepting this challenge allows me to break the limits of my knowledge and open new doors for growth. Starting is one thing, but being consistent dictates your journey. Being able to pull off this challenges allows you to track your growth and progress over time.

I encourage you to do the same!

According to @allthecode, It's not for you to read. Instead, it serves as a storage of knowledge in which one can go back to! "Don't worry about making it interesting to read or feel like a story, it's a series of notes, events, error messages and solutions from your day that could be useful in the future."

100 Days of Productivity

This started as a challenge initially inspired by Alexander Kallaway 100-Days-of-Code. More info about our own challenge can be found here


These people inspired me to start this challenge. You can check my progress and their progress as well:

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Jon Randy • Edited on

To be 1% better every day requires more than consistency. It requires progressively more work every day. By day 70 you'll be working twice as hard just to keep up the constant '1% better every day'

plskz profile image

Goodluck bud!

daddygi profile image
Daddy Gi Author • Edited on

Thanks kitty meow meow!

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uwu lezzgaw

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