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Philipp Renoth
Philipp Renoth

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10 Rust technology essentials

This article will cover a bunch of examples what really makes Rust so interesting for developers. It’s not just about system programming anymore. Rust moved on to boost different areas where classical system programming languages haven’t really taken hold. The formula for success is a sophisticated combination of new and carefully selected concepts from other languages that form Rust and developers already love Rust.

Of course the language itself is no reason to blindly adopt it. There are so many different aspects starting with a module eco-system and ending with the question about hiring new developers, but that’s another thing that is always hard for new technologies. Even if you can’t or don’t plan to use Rust it might be a huge asset for your daily work to have some Rust understandings that makes you a better developer.


When we compare Rust to other system programming languages it’s clear, why memory-safety is such an important thing, while VM-based technologies don’t have to deal a lot with those problems. The other way round for asynchronous programming there is less often a need for native local programs, but as an IO-intensive application running in the cloud it’s a huge benefit to use less resources more efficiently.

Read about 10 Rust essentials at my company's blog.

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