Can you Suggest Me What Should I learn First After PHP--> JavaScript Or Python?

d34dlykk profile image D34DlyKK ・1 min read

I have Completed C and PHP course from ISO certified institute and i want to learn Python and JavaScript both because I love programming so much. But I am Confused that should i learn Javascript First Or Python? Please Let me know with about your suggestions with some reason.


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What do you think you will learn faster?
Things you SHOULD learn or things you WANT to learn?
I encourage you to ask yourself what you really want to do and work backwards from here. The language issue will follow


i don't wanna learn faster but yea i really wanna learn these both things with its frameworks


thanks for suggestion mate.


PHP and Javascript are frequently used together in web development, so that'd be the most practical language to learn next in my opinion.


great!! thank mate.


Both are really good langages, with pros and cons as usual.

I know almost nobody who doesn't like Python : clean code, perf, doc ... good boy langage.

JavaScript (and TypeScript) is mandatory if you want to dev web app, this asynchronous language is very surprising, I don't really know why, but you could fall in love with it or hate it.

Good luck !


thanks for your suggestion buddy 😊