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Updating Discord on Ubuntu

The Discord app does not get updated automatically. Instead, a copy of .deb file is downloaded and the update needs to be installed manually. If you have come across this image
update alert
Follow the below simple easy steps :

  1. Download the .deb file
  2. Go to the downloads folder and open the terminal. This is to ensure that you have changed your present working directory!
  3. Type the command sudo apt install ./ make sure to include the .deb file after ./ as shown in the below image. command for updating discord using .deb file
  4. Hit Enter and it's done. You should see the below result after Hitting enter.

Example image after sunccessful update

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xion_k_50aac82e6c8effd55e profile image
Xion K

This gives an error “unsupported file given on command line

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Arun Prakash Pandey

Hello brother, thanks for commenting on this.
You can try the command sudo dpkg -i discord.deb
after cd into the downloads folder(location of the downloaded file).

You can replace the 'discord.deb' part with the name of the downloaded file