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Nevertheless, I Will Continue to #ChooseToChallenge Myself

My journey into becoming a Manager working in the Developer Relations industry hasn't always been smooth. In 2021, I want to look at ways we can choose to inspire others while we continue to challenge ourselves—despite the obstacles we face at work, within our communities, and because of the pandemic. This year, I want to push past my comfort zone.

I am not a fan of writing. Mostly, I feel that someone else could phrase things more eloquently or share something more impactful. So this year, I challenge myself to overcome that doubt and write more.

I still feel like an imposter at times, even after working in tech for over two decades. To compensate, I take on more responsibilities to show my value—and I know other women can relate. However, I believe we can overcome this and help support one another in saying No to things. Shirley Bailes my co-organiser at FOSDEM Community devroomthis year, has a great formula I'm going to try when assessing to take on more work:

  1. Does it have to be done, like contracts, POs, etc.
  2. If no, does it help move the needle - with a new project or a new idea or taking on more work.
  3. If yes to either, I try to determine the scope of work ahead of time and what bandwidth I can devote to it. I also try to determine if I'm the right person to take action.

Lastly, I want to challenge myself by taking part in areas where I'm not an expert, even if I feel I am less capable than my male colleagues (who also may not know the answers but don't second guess themselves).

This year will no doubt be challenging. However, I know that I have allies, supportive colleagues, and I'm fortunate to know some amazing people that inspire me daily. If I can lend a helping hand, provide mentorship, or help you get your foot in the door, please reach out. My Twitter DMis open.

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