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re: The rumors that Red Hat will stay its own entity are encouraging. Yeah, both sides have said that Red Hat will continue to call their own shots, ...

The thing is that if they do not manage to not piss people off, they just threw $34b out of the window - there's pretty much nothing else of value in RH. All the code is out there for anyone to copy (and Oracle did copycat a product and pretty much failed). Of course few people will give them a finger and go work for Google or someone from 21st century right away, but the internal sentiment is more positive than I would thought.

Of course it's more positive: the likeliest alternatives were Oracle (barf) or maybe Microsoft (far less barftacular than an Oracle acquisition but still likely to set off religion-based quitting).

Plus, if you've been at Red Hat for a while, that $190/share against whatever's in your ESPP goes a good way towards salving any potential chapping.

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