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Just do it

cyrilcabo profile image Cyril Cabo ・2 min read

Just do it

No, this is not sponsored by Nike. It is a message that most of us need. Frankly, I am someone who needs it most. Why? In this article, I am going to talk about why instead of thinking a whole lot about it, sometimes, you just have to do it.


I like being organized; I don’t like multitasking, instead I want to focus my resources and time on a single thing, especially if it’s something I really like. I have been in love with web development for a very long time now, but it wasn’t only until recently that I have started doing things as a web developer. It was because I wanted to find the right time to focus on web development and web development only. The result? I stalled for a good 5 years. I was so anxious to start doing things when I had free time, because I was scared I won’t be able to focus, while there are other things happening around. I thought that if I’m not able to give it my all on this, I wouldn’t be very good at it; and yes, I hate not being great at something I like. So I waited, and waited, for the perfect opportunity.

After some time, I did find the time to focus on web development, because of the lockdowns, but the funny thing is, I am not the great developer I thought I’d turned out to be. Even though, I had all the time to learn, I wasn’t able to utilize all those hours, because there were burnouts and other circumstances. I was so late to find out that I couldn’t spend all my time on a single thing. Looking back, if I had only spent a single hour every day, for the past five years, I may have become a far greater developer than the one I am today.

You see, in life, there are things we are afraid to conquer/face, because we are doubting our skills, capacity or simply the circumstances that we are in. But, if you think you have the means to do it, even just a fraction of it, you have just got to DO IT. As the mainstream saying goes, small steps done consistently will lead you to great distances. Don’t belittle yourself if you are making small progress, what matters is you are still making progress. Out of 7 billion people in this world, surely, there are a lot who wants to do the same thing as you. How do you separate yourself from them? You are the one who actually does the thing.

Life isn’t going backwards. It just keeps on going and going, and the time has passed is either time wasted or time well spent. And remember, in anything you want to do, JUST DO IT.

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Marco Colonna

I like multi-tasking

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Joshua Segura