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Cypress Workflows in Warp

Recently I was introduced to a new terminal app called Warp. I was a bit skeptical at first as I thought a terminal was pretty strait forward and wasn't sure what type of improvements could be made to one. After trying Warp, I can tell you I was happy to be wrong. They very accurately describe it as "The terminal for the 21st century"

If you aren’t already using Warp you can download it at

After you install Warp, go ahead and launch it and open the Workflows panel.

Workflows are an easier way to execute and share commands within Warp. They are searchable by name, description, or command and are easily parameterized

Workflows can be accessed directly within Warp, either through the Command Palette or by pressing ctrl-shift-r

Once the Workflows panel is open you can then scroll to Cypress under Categories or just begin typing cypress.

We now get shortcuts for how to run and open Cypress. We can even pass in an optional parameter for viewport width and and height.

Finally if click open and you can now watch Warp open Cypress and run your tests!

To see this in action, you can watch the example video below:

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