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How much do you earn from sponsoring?

I am a student and I am finding ways to earn some money from blogging and maintaining GitHub projects. I found there are many sponsoring platforms nowadays, for example Buy me a Coffee, Ko-fi, GitHub Sponsor and Patreon.

But does anyone really make money from that?
How much do you earn from sponsoring every month?
How long did you take to get your first sponsor?

Anyway, if you are generous, consider buying me a coffee! 😎


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Rajasekhar Guptha

To make money by these you should be producing quality content consistently that your content should help in some or other way and earnings depend on how much value you are providing through your content and also depends on audience

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Each person will tell you something different, according to their own experience. I'll tell you mine in case you find it useful:

Although I started programming years go, I didn't start building anything similar to an online presence until august 2020, when I did setup the profiles in the dev platforms I use (mainly and github, sometimes Twitter and Linkedin) and a Buy me a Coffee.

The first months I blogged weekly (two times I was close to get the 16 Week Streak Badge). However, after the first rush and deleting/grouping some initial posts, I slowed down to a monthly publication (average). It's not much, but I feel comfortable with it. All the time I kept updating my coding projects in GitHub, but never gotten much attention. The most I got is +70 stars on a lucky repository, the second place is 12 stars the rest is practically 0.

Thanks to one project, I got featured in the first issue of MakerWork. It's a shame the project died after 8 publications...

A few months ago, someone saw my GitHub profile after I commented on a post he published and asked me for help in a coding project. After I helped him, he gave me the first 5$ I've ever received for doing something in my free time 😂.

And just some days ago I was contacted by a captcha-solving service to write an sponsored post, which I declined because I didn't felt it really fit the kind of content I like to put out. However, after that experience I've been considering adding some kind of add on my profiles, something like "Contact me for sponsored posts" or something... Idk, maybe in the future.

So after barely year and a half doing this, I've gotten attention of some people, 5$ and an offer I had to reject. That's fine with me. Maybe people more tuned with the latest trends and that know more SEO quickly get sponsored. I don't know how much they earn and how soon... but if you just want to have a fun time and connect with interesting people and projects, don't expect much money or attention.

Hey, but keep that Ko-fi profile up. You never know who's going to notice you.