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Tough PenTesting Questions

I've tried numerous sites asking these questions and no response on most of them. Here they are!

1-What are the biggest mistakes you made or you see others make when learning about pen-testing? What are the most common mistakes at the pro level?

2-If you had to train me for 4 weeks for a zero to mastery competition on pen-testing, and 1 million dollars was on the line, what would that training look like? What about 8 weeks? What would your roadmap and sequencing be?

3- What do you think are the commonalities amongst the top TryHackMe/HackTheBox competitors? 4B- Which of these commanalities are not taught at TryHackMe/HackTheBox or online courses? 4C- Which neglected commonality (found in answer 4B) could I get good at abnormally quickly.

4- If you were to create a 'cheat sheet' that listed the most important principles or concepts in pen-testing, what would be on it?

5- What small projects would you recommend a new person to make to keep them motivated?

6- How do you retain your knowledge? Do you take notes with pen and paper or digitally? Do you prefer to remember through practice and building projects instead?

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