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WebAssembly, not only for browsers

cybermischa profile image Mischa Spiegelmock ・1 min read

Two great talks about WebAssembly, Rust, and WASI. Really recommend checking out.

WASI (WebAssembly System Interface) provides a standard for interacting with OS-type facilities via system calls and the like. It is essentially about being able to run WASM anywhere, including on a desktop or server, not just the browser. Sooort of like node.js is for JavaScript but it works with any language that compiles to WASM. That is pretty much every language you might use except Haskell.

I think WASM and WASI are the future and can and should replace node.js entirely. You can write code in (almost) any language and run it in the browser or on desktop/server/backend. Just like node, only not limited to JS. The isolation capabilities of WASI make it suitable for some applications where one might otherwise use docker.

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