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re: First when you use redux hooks with your components, it's violating the SRP principle, and your component is bound to redux, now let's say you don'...

I don't know where you got that from, like I mentioned before, if you're doing on parent level, you're doing what hoc is doing, second it's has performance impact, you can read about it in redux docs. With hoc you can use reselect and connect itself avoids re-renders, but that's not the case with hooks.

At our company after a looooot of consideration, we banned redux hooks from usage.

Except useSelector does a strict equality check by default and you can pass a shallow equality comparer function to it for well, shallow comparison just like connect. If any of these techniques result in equality, the hook does not cause a re-render. You do realise that the connect HOC itself is implemented using hooks right? You should read the source code. It's just really easy to use till you figure out hooks.

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