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re: One day you will discover the difference between fact and opinion. This day will be huge for you, cherish it ;)

Where did I miss that?
author of a comment said "putting them down because you disagree isn't cool", what I said was, I've been using linux for quite a long time, and it's working awesome for me, (for me it's primary OS), so obviously it's good enough for every day programming (which is the title of this post btw)

and the fact I've been talking about (which I have evidence for btw,) is that I've been using linux for more than at least 6 years.

And not once have I had to say, ahh, linux sucks for programming, (but on other OSes, I've said it btw),

Now this thread is becoming a bit toxic, and I'm partly at fault which I noticed before in one of the comments.

But we're just expressing opinions and getting offended.

I'm gonna stop replying to this by just stating this:

  • I've used linux as only OS for about 4.5 years.
  • I've used MacOS for about 6 months
  • I've used windows for 1.5 years (in the recent years, not counting olden days)

And now I'm using both OSes, windows for gaming (NFS) and ubuntu for writing code (also CS:GO on ubuntu)

I have to use windows for my office work because it's not cross platform, and every day, I notice so many issues.

I standby this: "Yes, linux is good enough for everyday programming"

But obviously not if you're doing iOS development, or windows app development, or something similar.

But here's the thing, IF your target platform can be developed through Linux, (and you're new to linux), then you might find a bit friction at first, but once you start getting used to it, you won't feel like you're using your IDE on linux, it'll feel like you're using your IDE, unlike on windows, it's very apparent that you're using your IDE on windows. (it's that icky feeling)

docker runs faster, builds happen faster, consumes less memory and so on.

Again, the title of the article: "Is linux good enough for everyday programming"

I say yes

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