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How to read Member-only Medium Stories for free without being a member?

So You are here to know how can you damn read member-only medium stories for free without being a member??
If ur like me i.e. a minor who is not allowed to spend money online or ur broke or dont wanna pay medium... This is for u!!!!!

Lets start!!!!
STEP 1: First find yourself a medium story you want to read. For this tutorial, I will use Manpreet Singh's post
STEP 2: Now that you have a story, now go to your browser. NOTE: TESTED ON CHROME AND EDGE. I WISH THIS WORKS ON OTHERS TOO Press ctrl+shift+n or cmd+shift+n in mac for opening incognito or inprivate mode (Or jus use the way to open the alternative on your browser of incognito mode).
STEP 3: Now u are in the incognito-esque mode, now paste the link of the medium article. Now ur good to go.
You can read it!!!

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Grey Code

Thanks @cybeartron I had this issue for quite some time :)

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Cybear Tron Author

Yay thanks :D