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Google or Microsoft for email?

Christopher Wray
惻1 min read

When I opened my business 3 years ago, I created a G Suite account and became quite fed up with the interface, leading me to move to Office 365.

Recently I found that Google has majorly improved its offering and changed the name to workspace. They have also made the interface much easier to use.

Now, Iā€™m trying to set up our systems for rapid growth.


I want to see what you guys feel is best for a developers work life?

And if you do project management:

From a project management standpoint, which email and cloud provider is the simplest to maintain, integrate with software, and add new users to?

Thank you šŸ™

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Raininoro Rindra

I prefer using a google account. I use more google products than microsoft products. And a google account can be even used to login to most of websites and apps.

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Christopher Wray Author

Thank you šŸ™ šŸ˜Š

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Christopher Wray Author

Please share your thoughts on comments! Would mean the šŸŒŽ