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About Me- A Software Engineer & CEO- at Work.

I'm Chris. I'm a senior software engineer at a web agency I founded: Sol Company, and CEO & Founder of a company that's mission is to make work better. Awia. Here is a little about me and what I do for work and how that relates to my priorities.

What I do

I do web development for work, and I'm working with a team to make work better.

This involves a lot of things, like writing code on both backend frameworks, like Laravel, or doing front-end development with Vue. I also get the opportunity to work with a great team of other engineers, designers, and writers (contractors) that together help make work better.

I love my work. For me, doing things with incredible skill and care is something I've aspired to do since I was just out of High School. A lot of this came from my heritage passed down from my grandparents to my parents to my siblings, and also to me.

I was raised on a family farm north of a small town called Pasco in Washington state. Growing up, I started helping rake hay on the farm in the summer times to make any money I had for spending. Watching my parents and siblings had a huge impact on me, and my work ethic and has helped me in my career now as a software engineer.

My priorities are:

This list is not exhaustive, but below are the three key priorities of my life that are non-negotiable.

My King

Jesus. He's transformed my life and saved me from the guilt that I rightly deserve for the wrong things I have done. He is the life that gives us breath every day. He has mercies for us every morning. To deny Him, would be to deny life itself, and I cannot do that. I love Him.

My Queen

Ariel, my beautiful wife. She is my Queen. I love her and everything she is is wonderful. I live to support her in her dreams, honor her with my choices and love her as Christ loves his bride, the Church.

Our children.

As of writing, we have two children. Noah James is 3 and Evelin Grace is almost 1. Loving and leading them as they become instruments for the glorious kingdom, which is God's family, is my greatest joy. My work supports me and helps me do that in a way they can see. I must provide for them as God has called me as he has all fathers.

This is a little bit about me. There are so many things I learn on a daily basis, and God updates my priorities and callings daily. Today, as I write this, these are the things that stick out to me that those I work with should know. I don't foresee those priorities changing, but my relationship with work will continue to. God will continue to make me into the type of person He wants me to be, and for that I am grateful.

My thoughts on work:

I believe that people should not be discriminated against for being who they believe themselves to be, or even the past things they've done that they regret and have changed.

This is why I am open about my faith in the Creator of the Universe. This may offend some, but that is not my intention.

My intention is to be transparent about who I am as a person so that I can be part of a culture where people are open and honest about their beliefs, and willing to accept others that believe differently than them.

I'm growing in this way, but I feel strongly that one of the best ways I can contribute to this culture is by being transparent myself.

When I'm at work, my goal is to work for the Glory of God. In order to do this, I don't make my workplace a setting where I try to force or coerce others to believe the way I do.

My goal is to do every job I have with skill and care. I only bring up my faith in a setting where I can share in a way that allows me to be raw and open about who I am as a person.

Every day at work, you will find me working my utmost to serve my employer or client to the absolute best of my ability. Every single day I get the opportunity to honor God, not with words only but with the actions I take in serving my co-workers and clients in the best way I'm able.

My Past and My Struggles

I have struggled with mental health and have learned to overcome it.

In fact, I take medication daily for depression and anxiety, and preserving my mental well-being is a key part of the decisions I make regarding work. If I am healthy and happy, I can do so much more, and preserving this state is crucial to my above priorities.

I was charged with a felony.

  • It is on for dismissal.
  • It has taught me a lot.

This felony (charge) is a stain on my past and a reminder to me of a time of grief, but thankfully, because of this charge, I've been able to get consistent counseling monthly, and I've found medical providers that are able to help me with my struggles with mental health, and I've found much more empathy for people that are struggling in more than one way. I can say now, well over a year after the charge letter came in the mail, that I am truly grateful for this part of my past.

My future plans

I'm working with a team to build a company to make work better. Our first product is a wholesale nursery management platform. We plan to make it the absolute best software for wholesale nurseries to manage inventory and plant sales.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and get to know who I am a little. I would love to learn more about you! Could you send me a letter via my contact form? I read every message sent, and I respond to most of them!

Have a super day.


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