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Chris Woodward
Chris Woodward

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I am excited to be a part of DEV and hope that I am able to learn along with the community!

For about the past year or so I have been seriously pursuing my dream of being a developer. I left my previous position to put all of my energy into development, sort of a put up or shut up moment. I already had some intro level experience with Java and Python and decided to try my hand at web dev. I created my first site using Python, Django, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and Linux.

Nowadays, I am all JavaScript, though I still enjoy Python. I have worked on and/or created sites in React, Vue, and AngularJS. I have fiddled with all the things in between Electron.JS, Android, Unity, Blender, and most recently react-native. Along the way, I found my love of document-oriented databases, studied for, and then passed my MongoDB 4.0 Developer certification exam! The most rewarding part of my journey is finding out all the things I don't know and attempting to improve my skills with that newfound knowledge. My goal isn't to 'learn it all', it is to learn how to do what I am doing, better. If I can at least accomplish that every day it has to end somewhere good, right?

I am always happy to make a friend or help with a project so feel free to reach out!

I am in Tampa and actively pursuing local or remote positions so if you know of any or are looking to hire a passionate developer, let me know!

Thanks for reading and we've got this!
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Shahid Shaikh

"My goal isn't to 'learn it all', it is to learn how to do what I am doing, better."

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🌚 Browsing with dark mode makes you a better developer by a factor of exactly 40.

It's a scientific fact.