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Benefits of building a cli app in dart.


This is the first article in the series "Building a command line interface app in dart". In this series, we will learn together how to build a cli in dart and publish it on

Why build a cli?

There are many reasons to build your cli app, my main reason is to automate repetitive tasks

Personally, I hate, yes hate is a strong word, I hate doing the same thing twice. I hate repetitive tasks so much that I often procrastinate when I'm starting a new flutter project. I delay because every project will need the same things like adding themes, connecting the app to firebase, creating your folder structure, etc.

To solve my procrastination problem once and for all, I've decided to build my opinionated cli. If I'm going to build a cli I might as well publish it to to benefit developers who follow a similar workflow to mine.

Other reasons to build a cli are,

  • Use your app without having to build a UI for it.
  • To understand how cli app works
  • To get familiar with using the terminal

The million-dollar question is, how to build a cli in dart?

How to build a simple cli in dart?

Fortunately, give us a great starting point... I recommend your read their tutorial. That tutorial while being an amazing starting point is too simple for a relatively complex cli app. I'll leave you to read the aforementioned article and we'll continue our cli journey in the next article of this series where we will create our cli.

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