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Would you be interested in more articles about Microsoft's Power Platform?

At the moment I am working a lot with the Power Platform, which basically is a set of applications by Microsoft to allow no-code/low-code development mainly for medium to large companies. You would not need to have much experience in programming in sense of writing code and can focus more on business topics.
I would like to write more about these applications, because it also helps to continue my learning and I surely can provide some expertise.
In case you would like to have a closer look, see here:

This is why I would like to know if there is any interest. I definitely would put more effort into some articles, especially if you can provide me what you are looking for. It can be basics, but also specific questions. In addition I offer to create the content in German.

Just leave a short comment.

Thanks everybody!

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Charles Ndavu

Nice, I hope to join you in this journey. I have been thinking of writing content on the same too

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