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Get rid of guessing the function name supported with type hints in Python 3.6 +

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In the past, I used to work with strong-typed languages such as Java so I get a lot of suggestions when working with object / classes.

But when I moved to Python (our team use Python for automation testing), I completely feel lost when I need to know which method does the type/class support.

Recently, I’ve got more time to dig in Python, I got to know Python optional type hints.

So what is optional type hint?

1.Keep in mind that it is optional:

If the variable is not declared with type, that’s totally fine.

2.How to do the type hint:

For example, you create a method that tell Selenium to click on a button.

If you do it without type hint, it will go like this:

def do_not_seed_action(self, driver):
    do_not_seed_btn = self.downloads_elem.find_do_not_seed_button(driver)

When you write the code, you might not know what can this instance of class/object can do

Should it click() or click_on() or click_in()?
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Instead, you can write code with type hint for getting more support from IDE:

from selenium.webdriver.remote.webelement import WebElement
do_not_seed_btn: WebElement = self.downloads_elem.find_do_not_seed_button(driver)

And you won’t need to guess what is the right word anymore:
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Happy coding ~~~

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