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re: This week, I... did a Conway's Game of Life in Elm without any testing. Once the compiler told me that everything was good, everything was.

Cool!!! Im jealous. I’m hoping I can start doing a similar thing with React + TypeScript. I admire elm a lot but I think my coworkers would die if they had to go full FP. TypeScript lets me write immutable, one-way-bound code but I can still make it look “imperative-like.” (But i kinda wish I was doing Elm). Have you tried using the Readonly types of TypeScript?


No I did not, I used TypeScript on my own and loved it but I was having weird problem. I think my comprehension of TS is not perfect. I’m not doing Elm at job either, only for personal projets but I wish we do. I’m currently moving my team from Ruby to Elixir which is already, some coworkers does not see the real benefits. With TypeScript or Elm we would have the same problem, when I talked about TypeScript, they told me « All it gives is type? What is the gain? »

I tried to explain but still.. Anyway, I will be working on a transition to TypeScript soon!

Yea you’re right. It’s hard to explain the benefits like immutability.

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