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What is a Developer Control Plane, and why should you adopt it?

Hey, devs!

How do you feel when you have to learn many tools and concepts for the infrastructure side, like Kubernetes, Cloud management, and networking?

The DevOps journey can be tough, especially for those who like coding and developing application architecture.

The DevOps roadmap it's pretty similar to something like that:

1 - Programming Language
2 - OS concepts (server administration)
3 - Software Configuration and Deployment process
4 - Infrastructure as Code
5 - CI/CD pipelines
6 - Networking and Security
7 - Automation, monitoring, and troubleshooting
8 - Cloud Providers
9 - Services

You can find all of that easily over the internet when you google it.

This pathway can frustrate senior developers who just want to code or startups that want to scale quickly and need to hire more and more DevOps engineers to take care of the infrastructure and DevOps side.

Nothing wrong with having that knowledge already; that's actually really awesome! But what if you could use your programming skills to improve the infrastructure side of your app and make DevOps and Infrastructure manageable?

The purpose

The's Developer Control Plane proposes to make it easy to deliver new features with just a couple of steps, promote a good developer experience, where developers can benefit themselves with Slack and GitHub integrations or just adapt the developer's workflow to the terminal screen.

Of course, there are more features that you can use to increase your productivity and measure your performance with delivery.

And why should a dev or startup adopt it?

Implementing a Developer Control Plane can increase 200x time in the software's delivery + enable dev teams to measure their delivery performance. In the meantime, developers won't need to learn many other tools or switch the field to become DevOps engineers if that's not what they wish to do.

To help devs and startups to understand in deep how a Developer Control Plane works, I invite you to come to our webinar, happening on September 14th, at 12 PM PST. You can subscribe at this link.

We would love to chat to learn from your experience and share what we know so that we can help you to increase your skills.

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