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Thank you all so much for the advice and support, I have a lot more stuff to do and try now :)


Hi Everyone,

Can relate to every word of your narration, Christopher! And with all of the people who may have been in this scenario.

My situation from the past 6 months is somewhat similar,
as 60% of the time - my application is rejected without even the 1st round of interview.
In 35%, I usually make it past atleast 4-5 rounds - which are positive (in some cases - the offer) only to be put down by reasons beyond my comprehension.
The remaining 5% simply don't respond which is something I find very weird.

Could anyone here please recommend me as to what I should be doing better?

PS: I've been a Linux Systems Administrator with ~4 years of experience looking to transition into either DevOps / Operations / Site Reliability Engineering.
You can find my complete portfolio here [cakeresume.com/vinay-hegde-portfolio] and reach out to me via [vinay.hegde30@gmail.com]

Thanks in advance!

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