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Muhammad Tayyab Sheikh
Muhammad Tayyab Sheikh

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Coding Beyond Opinions: A Tale of Two Scripts

In a realm of ones and zeroes, I stand,
Between JavaScript's wild land,
And TypeScript's structured hand,
Social media rants, like shifting sands.

They say, "JavaScript's free, it's grand!"
Others claim, "TypeScript's the promised land!"
But in my heart, a simple demand,
To write code that's clear and stands.

Scrolling through tweets, a never-ending band,
Of devs who argue, take a stand,
But in my quiet corner, my plan,
Is to get the work done, no matter the brand.

For tools are tools, in every hand,
It's the craftsman's skill, not the brand so grand,
Whether JS or TS, across this land,
I'll code my way, and make my stand.

So let them rant, let them disband,
I'll choose my path, with my own hand,
For in the end, it's not about the strand,
But the magic we create, when code meets land.

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