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Mindbending Christmas Art Created With CSS & JavaScript

Holidays might be behind us, but that doesn't mean that we can't re‑experience some of that wonderful holiday spirit with CSS and JavaScript.

CSS Swinging Christmas Tree

Author: Zed Dash
Technique: CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Snow-Globe)

Author: Alvaro Montoro / @alvaromontoro
Technique: CSS

Snow Globe With CSS Animation Using even/odd Selectors

Author: Monica Powell
Technique: CSS & SVG

The Hidden Gifts

Author: Maxim Belov / @maximbelyakov
Technique: CSS & JavaScript

Holidays Are Coming - 3D CSS Truck 🎅🎄

Author: Jhey Tompkins / @jh3y
Technique: CSS & JavaScript

Merry Chris-Morph!

Author: Chris Gannon
Technique: JavaScript (GSAP)

Wavy Snowman

Author: Ale Thomas
Technique: CSS

Sleeping Santa

Author: Chhavi Khandelwal / @chhavikhandelwal
Technique: CSS

Santa Was Here

Author: Paulina Hetman
Technique: CSS

Have you found or created some fascinating Christmas art using CSS or JavaScript? Please share it in the comments below!

Zoran Jambor

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