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Sukhpinder Singh for C# Programming

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Blogger Journey: From Pen to Publish

Life is busy. Here are ways to learn C# concepts the easy way..!! That's the motto of my publication where I have been actively contributing to a Medium Publication "C# Programming" which has around 2.8k followers and counting.

I'm diving into the wild world of YouTube and Instagram promotions, bringing my talents to the screens and feeds of the masses. But let's not forget where I've laid my digital footprints before – Medium, Hackernoon, and Yes, I've been sprinkling my wisdom across these platforms like a seasoned internet chef seasoning a gourmet dish. Watch out, digital world; here I come with more fun and insights!

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you all. Your unwavering support has been a beacon of inspiration and encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this incredible experience. Your support means the world to me, and I look forward to continuing this journey together, inspired and uplifted by the amazing community we've built.

Here's what I have achieved in recent years on blogging platforms.

Medium Publication C# Programming

Image description

And 202k reads and 179k views per quarter.

Image description profile approaching to 7K

Image description

Top 5 Articles with more than 50K views

Image description

Most active writers in 2023 by Hackernoon

Image description

LinkedIn Newsletter community approaching to 1k subscribers

Image description

Reading time generated on Hackernoon so far

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Other Awards

HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - C#

Image description

HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - Design Patterns

Image description

Trying my hands in Youtube animation stories too

Not to forget - Twitter Mentions

Steps to write for C# Programming

Hello there! I’m Sukhpinder Singh, the proud curator of a C# publication that’s gathered a vibrant community of about 2.8k followers. We’re on the hunt for stories that dazzle our readers.

Got a tale to tell or a draft that’s ready to dazzle? Fantastic! Shoot it over to me at Let’s make sure your story aligns with our ethos.

Once we’ve given your submission the green light, you’ll be welcomed aboard as one of our esteemed writers. Then, the stage is yours to publish away. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

C# Programming🚀

Have a look at the introduction video on top of the page.

Thank you for being a part of the C# community! Before you leave:

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