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Writing Updates

I've been going back and forth on this with some friends and a few blogs that I write for a community.

When I learned how to write in school I learned a few grammar rules which are no longer valid.

  • Always put two spaces after a period.
  • List of items has no comma for the conjunction. aka item1, item2 and item3. Vs item1, item2, and item3.

They are minor grammatical rules that are so ingrained in my muscle memory that I can't shake them. Do you find that you have some habits that need updating since you started writing? Do they matter? Even when I was in school I think there were some updates to proper grammar rules in the 4 years I was in High School. Do you find any grammar rules or habits so objectionable that it'll make you close the tab?

What are your thoughts? #ponderingPenguin

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