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Project Management Tools

As a software developer I've been using Jira for a very long time and I do like it partly because of its features and partially due to familiarity. I do find the basic concepts from Jira missing in far too many project management tools.

I have gotten into conversations with other volunteers and developers about what to use and it seems everyone has a strong dislike for Jira/Atlassian but I have yet to find any tool that does just the basic things I need.


  1. Sprint Support
  2. A backlog (this seems to be very rare). Just to be clear, a column on your board named backlog isn't a backlog. I want a backlog that is out of view until we talk about the tickets then the 'board' is only items you need to look at.
  3. A board with states / transitions. ie: ToDo, InProgress, QA, Review, Done etc...
  4. Nice to have: Timeline / Gant chart to track dependencies.

At this point I've tried using: Asana, Trello, Wrike, Taiga and Jira.


  • Trello: a cute toy to get organized but becomes absolute nightmare to manager after a few months. Sprints and other advanced features are available via addons but they're basically hacks / after thoughts added in later.
  • Asana: nice idea but it seems to want to want to be too many things. Calendar, Forms, Inbox, Board etc. It does have some nice features.
  • Wrike: Same overly complicated and missing key features unless you pay. Various views to see the same tickets but not really a way to do sprints.
  • Taiga: The ONLY one so far that does a backlog. It fails in that it has too many issue types and the grouping is weird. Certain types of tickets/task/issues/stories are only visible in certain areas and you need to convert the ticket from type A to type B to pull it into the sprint and such. It is able to pull from github and does a 2 way sync which is very cool.

So at this point the only reasonable tool i've ended up with is Jira that it seems everyone hates but honestly I haven't found the features i need anywhere else. What do people use for real project management that isn't a toy short lived project?

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Not exactly sure what you mean by sprint, but I use Quire to help manage my projects. Been using it for three years and so far so good.
It's this free software that requires no upgrades or subscriptions to use all of its features, and it also has transitions, the kanban board, and gantt chart.
I tried Trello and Asana before, but they turned into a hassle to manage, and I found Trello's interface to be too messy for me.
Hope this helps!

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I looked at Quite. It's a nice tool but doesn't really support concepts like Sprints or scrums. Thanks for the recommendation though.

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Laura Payne

I use Restyaboard another open-source Project management tool that can ease our work a lot. This free tool helps us to manage projects, assign tasks, share files, keep calendars in sync, communicate and collaborate with team members effectively.