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Github Actions vs Travis CI

I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their thoughts on Github Actions.

I've been using Travis CI for a while and it seems to work fairly well but every once in a while I really would love to use something that's more docker centric which I think Github actions is.

Travis CI

free for open source projects, you can easily set secrets to allow for a variety of different patterns. Downside is that it seems like what a bit of a blackbox on what version of X come with their images. Especially once you start doing Matrix configuration (ie. I need to run a python test, golang, and ruby test for my code base)

Github Action

Much younger than Travis CI. It seems pretty green when I tried it out initially but I am curious of people's thoughts on it.

I did notice that it was using a more docker based approach. So maybe it's worth giving it another go.

Thoughts? Comments? Any love or hate ? Open to other solutions, ideally free/OSS.

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Yeah I ever cared about the msft acquisition but that's a different topic.

I looked at their CI and honestly not really a fan from what I've seen. Also some like gitlab in general so I think It won't be a good fit for me.

I also saw which looks like a good option as well.