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Skip macOS Catalina security check

What ?

Do you want to run your own custom applications on mac ? ... or did you ask yourself the question of How to force to run this program on my mac ? ... then this is a possible anwser with a simple trick to run any program on Catalina.

Why ?

Because Apple decided to increase more and more the security restrictions on mac that makes development a little bit difficult.

How ?

  • The simple version is to run this command:
sudo xattr -w "0062;5e9dca67;Safari;2D1ADCF0-049C-4251-9EE5-5FCD16E74B6B" FILENAME
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NOTE: Instead of FILENAME just use the name of the program file to run.

  • But sometimes the programs have several files and running manually takes too long, so instead you can do this:

Save the above command as a script in a file called with this content:


sudo xattr -w "0062;5e9dca67;Safari;2D1ADCF0-049C-4251-9EE5-5FCD16E74B6B" "$*"
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Give it permissions with chmod and then run it with the find command with something like:

find /Application/ -type f -exec ./ {} ';'

NOTE: obviously replace /Application/ with the installation folder of the program you want to run

And that's it !!

Where ?

These commands and scripts are tested on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 with programs like GraalVM, MacPass, Tunnelblick, and even Docker Desktop on its earlier versions.

IMPORTANT: Please do not run any program, Apple added these security rules for a reason, use this at your own risk, and please always always double check the source using at least HTTPS correctly and also GPG or another kind of secure signatures if possible, to run only trusted files.

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