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My Experience as an XRPL Campus Ambassador

I am thrilled to share my experience as an XRPL Campus Ambassador, University of Uyo. It was an incredible opportunity to be part of this amazing ecosystem and network with like-minded professionals, explore the benefits and use cases of the XRP Ledger and also new trends in the crypto industry, and learn from some of the most prominent figures in the space.

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I have been successfully taking part in the XRPL Campus Ambassador Program 2023. The program is hosted by the XRP Ledger Foundation and aims at educating, exciting, and empowering students within and outside the University of Uyo and the world at large about XRP Ledger blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem in general.

Also, cause the interest of developers to start building their own applications on the XRP Ledger. It was indeed an exceptional experience during which I learned a lot about the XRP Ledger as well as the crypto space. Connection with people from the other part of the world is one part I can never forget that I probably would have never come across, and even talking to David Schwartz, one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger was indeed an honour.

This started some years ago when I first heard about the program. As a crypto enthusiast, being involved in the crypto space for nearly 4 years already, I was so curious to know more, so I started my research and dive deep into the previous cohorts since most of the participants were still active on LinkedIn and from well-known Universities. Asking about what it entails to take part in the program and I was carefully guided.

Then, I decided to send in my application and a couple of weeks passed almost a month, and on one faithful day I got an email for a non-technical asynchronous interview. The interview consisted of three questions, each question lasted for some seconds and I answered with joy. Next was the onboarding mail that got me so excited following the kickoff event which highlighted the requirements and details of the program handled by Ellie Glantz, Dr. Scott Branson who is the Advisor, XRPL Foundation, and others. Also got me to meet my co-ambassadors and I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started and give in my best.

I am grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank the XRPL Foundation for creating such a platform for crypto enthusiasts to strive and do exploit. Being an XRPL Campus Ambassador helped me dive deep into knowing more about the XRP Ledger and most importantly, the networking aspect that this program established connecting with like minds far and near in the crypto space as well as the active and vibrant community of crypto developers of which I want to continue being part of to learn more.

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Thank you to everybody who participated and to my very close friend, who has been my strong supporter from the beginning.
Lastly, a very special thanks to all my colleagues for being more than supportive since the inception of this project.

I can boldly recommend any individual who is more than eager and interested in Crypto space and XRPLedger blockchain to apply and be open to learning and connecting with people from the industry.

Be part of this shared vision for XRPL’s Future which says “Together, we're building the greenest infrastructure to drive blockchain innovation that doesn't sacrifice utility or performance, to bring the developer community's vision to life.”

For more information about XRPLedger blockchain please visit the website or join the XRP Ledger Developer community discord. If you are already developing on the XRPL you can also apply for developer grants.

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