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Discussion on: Angular struggles in 2020

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Distributed Hunter Trujillo

React has gotten a lot better. Hooks really saved it, and they came out of beta over a year ago. TypeScript works really well with React now, too, and there's a lot of projects like Navi and TypeStyle that are implemented in TypeScript and have excellent React support. I've also heard good things of React Query (not to be confused with jQuery... I suppose it's been long enough).

Also, look into Redux Toolkit, it's not the same Redux of old. Gone are the case statements for object literals, and immutability is managed, allowing developers to take shortcuts instead of doing immutability gymnastics. Most of the time you won't need Redux now, or if you do, it's only for certain parts of the app, and it's quite clear where the separation of concerns should lie.

There's more exciting stuff we're seeing already implemented, just not yet out of beta, and the transparency of the React community is pretty good. There was a bit of Twitter drama about React a while back, with it being heavy, and some devs having toxic reactions, but Dan does his best to lead the community by example, by his approach. A developer's approach can be even more important than the solution.

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Nahh I feel Chandler, working with React in big projects is a complete nightmare, I know Hooks and worked with hooks for a while now and they are just a mess, every single dev I've worked with in React has a different way of implementing hooks, their own 'Custom Handmade Hooks' and for me is an organizational chaos.

AngularJS was a sensation.
ReactJS fucked up AngularJS and was a sensation
Is time to look for a better solution to React, it's almost impossible to see 2 React projects with same structure, is so free that in the same company, if you are moved to another React project, you need to relearn the whole React structure used there to understand and work on it. Angular fixes this, if you don't follow good behaviors in angular, you're doomed.

I agree with you on most points but just as Chandler, I'm running away from React, React devs and React ecosystem.
After using React, Angular and Vue
Vue > Angular > React
In user experience and organization, not even performance and documentation, using React makes me want to quit Web Dev completely

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Chandler Baskins

Exactly my reasons. It's the wild west. I feel safe in Angular and when I pull up a repo I have a good idea how it's going to be laid out. I don't think I'd go back to React. Listening to the podcast on the Angular show made me feel better. I think there will be some changes.

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Distributed Hunter Trujillo

I see your point, and I think it has some validity, but in practice, I'd never seen a React project that surprised me by its novelty.

One could argue that the lack of a prescriptive folder structure, standardized routing scheme, and a styles stack everyone uses, has hurt React. I'd actually argue the opposite. The diversity of thought and inclusiveness of ideas based on their merit is better than leaving thousands of pull requests hanging.

I think the diversity of thought and idea inclusiveness has served React well in that, if you're not happy with something, pull something else in. And with basic tooling and testing, such as TypeScript, ESLint, Jest, and Cypress, these refactors tend to go well.

One could also argue, React has taken the Unix philosophy and applied it to the web. Do one thing, and do it well. Sure, it could be said that React didn't do things well in the past, but also, we once wrote websites in jQuery and Backbone, so, tech gets better all the time.

I've refactored projects with hundreds of thousands of lines of React code alone, for Fortune 500 companies, and our tooling improvements alone resulted in a dramatic increase in developer productivity, but that's just been my experience.