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Discussion on: An actual complete guide to typescript monorepos

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Rahul Tarak Author
  1. Technically no you don't need to install anything globally that is not used globally. Let's say only one package uses react, no harm in installing it only there. Or if used in 2 out of 15 packages, you can installed only in those two. It does become more convenient to install it globally if it is used everywhere or most places tho.
    Note here, things like eslint rules that are used at the top level need to be installed there

  2. Lerna doesn't actually support pnpm and we aren't using Lerna for any package installation so it doesn't matter. Actually there is an issue on the repo, showing how we can avoid Lerna and use use pnpm recursive(which I didn't know off at the time)

  3. Not really sure what the question is here? You use it like you'd use any mono repo, you can build and run the packages that need to be built and run. The others are used for codesharing