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Git commands every software developer must know

The management of software development projects requires the use of the robust version control system Git. It is crucial for programmers to have a firm grasp of Git and its operations. We'll look at some of the most crucial Git commands in this blog article, which every programmer should be familiar with.

git init

The git init command is used to initialize a new Git repository. When you start a new project, you can use this command to create a new Git repository in the root directory of your project.
git init example

git add

The git add command is used to stage changes for commit. When you make changes to your code, you can use this command to add those changes to the staging area. Once changes are added, they are ready to be committed.
git add example

git commit

The git commit command is used to create a new commit in your Git repository. When you commit changes, you are creating a new version of your code with a unique commit message that describes the changes you have made.

git commit example

git status

The git status command is used to check the status of your Git repository. This command shows you which files have been modified, which files are staged for commit, and which files are not being tracked by Git.

git status example

git branch

The git branch command is used to create, list, and delete branches in your Git repository. Branches are used to isolate different versions of your code so that you can work on multiple features or fixes at the same time.

git branch examples

git checkout

The git checkout command is used to switch between different branches in your Git repository. When you checkout a branch, you are switching to a different version of your code. This command is also used to create new branches and switch to them.
git checkout example

git pull

The git pull command is used to update your local Git repository with changes from a remote repository. When you pull changes, you are downloading the latest version of the code from a remote repository and merging those changes into your local repository.

git pull example

git push

The git push command is used to upload your local Git repository to a remote repository. When you push changes, you are uploading your local version of the code to a remote repository, making it available to other developers.

git push example

In conclusion, these Git commands are essential for any programmer who wants to work with Git effectively. By mastering these commands, you will be able to manage your code more efficiently and collaborate effectively with other developers.

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Every programmer must know these!