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We at are excited to share something we’ve been working on in the background for our community: πŸš€ is a job board to help passionate individuals find their next career opportunity, specifically in the open-source space.

The idea for the job board came to us when we were busy hiring at last month. During the process, two things stuck out to us:

  1. An ever-growing number of talented professionals (not just developers!) are passionate and highly motivated to work in the open-source sector.

  2. Current open-source job boards tend to focus solely on developer roles or require companies to pay hefty fees to post job listings.

Noticing this gap in the market, our Growth Engineer, Igor Kotua, went out and built over a weekend.

The platform already includes 30+ job openings in various open-source startups, covering roles in engineering, marketing, and people management. We've tried to make it super simple to find a suitable role, and you can filter by remote work possibilities, salary range, category, and company.

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And the best part for open source companies? It's 100% free to post your job openings.

If you are currently eyeing up your next career move, we encourage you to try out or share it with anyone you know on the hunt for an opportunity with one of many thriving open-source startups.

On the flip side, if you are part of an open-source company searching for open-source enthusiasts to fill your vacant roles, make sure to upload your listing on the platform.

Our goal with is to help make the process of finding and filling these roles a simpler and more targeted experience for all involved.

In today's hiring market, we genuinely hope that can help someone find a great new gig. So join us in spreading the word and happy job hunting! ❀️


If you like and you want to support our work, please feel free to leave a GitHub star for (the company sponsoring this project). ⭐️

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tinkerbaj profile image

Good job just instead 0d better show today

jonathimer profile image
Jonathan Reimer

Thanks for the feedback! Will implement it

dipanjan profile image
Dipanjan Ghosal

Yeah, that's a nice. "Today" and "Yesterday". The rest can be like 2days ago, 3days ago, etc.

fmerian profile image
flo merian

awesome! it feels like the OSS industry is booming right now. just makes so much sense. bookmarked!