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Discover useful insights about any GitHub repo

There are over 368 million public repositories on GitHub. And over 100k are added every day.

It's nearly impossible to stay ahead of things and distinguish between "good" & "bad" projects.

Therefore, many people are relying on Stars to evaluate the relevance of a project. But Stars are a vanity metric and don't say more than Twitter followers or Facebook likes.

That's why we built 🔍 screenshot

It's a free & open-source tool we built to make your life easier when analyzing and discovering GitHub repositories. It gives you an analysis of the adoption, contribution, diversity, and governance of any open-source repository.

It crunches data from 150k+ repositories daily and provides charts, checklists, and written summaries.

My favorite feature is the GPT-3 powered search that lets you discover open-source projects with search queries like "game engines in rust". It really works like magic.

We launched on ProductHunt today and would really appreciate your feedback there. 🙌

What's the first repo that you're going to analyze?

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Nicklas Gellner

Super cool project! 🚀